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An international organization under the name WUSB - WORLD-UNION OF SAINT BERNARDS-CLUBS (Weltunion der St. Bernhards-Clubs) was formed on September, 23rd 1967 in Lucerne (Switzerland) by independant St Bernard-Clubs for an indefinite time.

The aim of the WUSB is to unite all St Bernard friends under an universal recognized interpretation of the standard, to strive together for the purity, the health and the character of the breed and to nurse and improve the friendship of the St Bernards Fanciers.

The target (aim) will be accomplished by:

  • Cooperation at every level to promote (advance) our breed and it's health.
  • Universal recognition of the Swiss Standard and the correct interpretation of it.
  • Exchange of judges between the member-clubs.
  • If possible a yearly international judges-meeting with educational lectures from experts, films, photographs, etc...
  • Drafting of guidelines and recommendations to improve uniformity of the type and the health.
  • Organization of WUSB-Shows, congresses over breeding and health, exchange of the club-magazines and stud-books, publication of the " Barry International ", and others.
  • At WUSB-Shows only dogs with pedigrees recognized by the FCI can be shown.


Member of the WUSB can be any St Bernard Speciality Club recognized by their countries umbrella (cupola) organization. That umbrella organization must have been recognized by the FCI.

The proposed judges must at least already have judged twice on international shows and have to be listed on the judges list run by the WUSB Board. They should have taken part in one WUSB-judges meeting within the last 3 years at least. If a judge should be able to take not part in a meeting, so he has to apologize in writing previously. Several unexcused absences result in a nomination-prohibition.